Aug 20


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Three years after our re-release of the band’s debut 7”, we’re finally happy to announce Coïtus Int.’s reissued debut self-titled LP from 1981. Reacting to the lack of creativity among punk rock bands in Utrecht at the time, Coïtus Int. revealed a slower, darker, bass-driven approach to their music on this record. An essential companion to their ‘Dead Excitement’ EP, it’s the beginning of a remarkable but largely overlooked 15-year career of self-released music.

Heino L’Ortye’s bass is the lead melodic instrument here, serving the Gang Of Four-inspired attacks from Marcel Uffing’s guitar. Drummer Ron van Asperen has a simple but memorable style, churning the band’s heavy, plodding songs into different directions, particularly on tracks like “Birds” and “My Ideal Man”. What separates this group from rest, perhaps more than anything, is Jos de Groot’s thoughtful lyrics and unique voice. His delivery is distant but honest, and has a tone that makes you feel like he has seen things that you haven’t, and that you may never understand… but you believe him.

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Listen: “Birds”

Listen: “My Ideal Man”

33 1/3 rpm // 9 tracks // 34 minutes // Utrecht (1981)

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Jul 20

BP-002 Null And Void ‘Possibilities (Discoverable Thoughts…)’ LP


Recorded between 1981 and 1982, the 3rd and final LP by Fullerton, CA’s brilliant but short-lived NULL AND VOID was never properly released in its time. After being rejected by head-scratching label execs in the U.S. and having met with letters of rejection along the lines of “There’s a lot going on here… I’m not sure what it is… I think it’s too much, etc.”, the record was, sadly, shelved for the next 30 years.

From Mutant Sounds:

Like Half Machine Lip Moves On Some Faraway Beach, this final genius stroke from these increasingly warped Californian post punk merchants (following my posts of their Happiness And Contempt and Montage Morte EP’s, the latter of which shares a few tracks with this album) ratchets up the stakes significantly; their angle of approach here weaving Chrome-plated and dystopian shaded tangents through a series of emotionally loaded and pop savvy oblique advances that are absolutely breathtaking in their collective impact. This album was shopped around all over back in the day and deemed “too weird” by one and all. Feh! Silly children…they missed the boat on a stone cold classic…

This, at the very least, is a product of an outstandingly talented and overlooked “synth wave” band taking their music into new and increasingly warped directions. An avant pop “post punk experimental acid music” masterwork, a truly endless piece of music, and the grand vision of NULL AND VOID’s William Shifflette.


We are honored (and excited!) to have been offered the opportunity, 30 years later, to finally give ‘POSSIBILITIES’ the release it deserves. Included is a 24” x 36” double sided color poster with essays and liner notes (below, photos by Melissa J. Frost) and a small lyric booklet!



33 1/3 rpm // 12 Tracks // Fullerton, CA (1983)

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May 15




AVAILABLE NOW! A full year after its inception, we are happy to announce BUNKERPOP’s first release, a reissue of Dutch post-punk band COÏTUS INT. 's debut 7”, the DEAD EXCITEMENT EP. All the original artwork is included, plus some extra photos and contributions. One of our favorite records ever!



Listen: “I Shouldn’t Go”

33 1/3 rpm // 5 tracks // 12.2 minutes // Utrecht (1980)

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